How To Improve Research Paper to Get More Citation

Improve Research Paper
Publishing a research paper is important for a researcher. The more published papers the more positive effect they will have on the career of the researcher. Besides publishing and number of the research paper, another important thing that researchers always look and struggle for is a citation. The more times your research paper is cited the more value and worth it has. Increasing the citation is half dependent on your research process and quality of research, and the rest is dependent on some tips by PhD dissertation writing services as mentioned below that surely help in the increasing citation.

H-index is a number that gives a view about a researcher's proficiency and competence. The number relies on the number of published papers and citations. It estimates both the productivity and reference impact of the distributions of a researcher or researcher. Publishing research articles in the academic local area is critical. Together, getting various sources to allude to your published research work shows the nature of your research responsibility and effect. The crucial factor of getting low citations of helpful distribution has low porousness among set up researchers. A high citation score is additionally one of the boundaries to get a decent academic position.
  • When you are trying to publish your research paper, try to get it published in popular journals that have a high impact. This will increase the number of readers and the chances of citation also increase. Popular journals are considered as the top journals that have high quality. And the research papers that are published in these journals are considered high-quality research papers.
  • Besides top journals, you must also target open access journals. When your research paper is published in the open-access journal, it means more people will have access to it.
  • Write a review paper. Generally, review papers are more cited than research papers. A good review paper will be a helpful aid to the research paper for increasing citation.
  • You have to explain the importance of your research paper. In your research paper’s introduction show the importance of your research. A well-written introduction is always proved to show the importance of your research. It can ultimately help to increase the citation of your research paper. Similarly, considering the quality of other sections of the research paper, you need to make strong arguments. Use the right and unique methodology that can attract readers and make them curious about the new methodology which you have used and they read it and cite it. Make your topic unambiguous. Research papers on the common topic have more chances of getting cited.
  • Increasing citation is also like give and take. By citing the research papers of other researchers you know, there are chances that you can increase the chances of getting your research work cited as well. Share your research work with others people in your network through emails and request them to cite it. You can also share it on social media. Posting specific content on your social media accounts and sharing the link to your complete research paper.
  • There are many discussion forums related to research work. You must participate in those discussions and share your information. It will also help you to let others know about your research papers. And in any discussion that is related to your research paper topic, you can mention your research paper and share its link as well. It is better to add your research papers on research platforms like Google scholar and research gate.
  • Use appropriate keywords that are trendy and popular. Use all the relevant words from your research paper that are on top of the search list.
  • Use your research image on platforms like Pinterest to increase views and citations.
  • Make sure that your data is right. Watch that your name and association are right on the last confirmations of your composition and watch that the paper's data is precise in information base inquiries. Make your composition effectively open. On the off chance that your paper isn't published in an open-access diary, post your pre-or post-distribution prints to a storehouse.
  • Research conferences are the best platform to get yourself highlighted. Try to present your research work at the conferences. It will help you to promote and highlight your research work.
  • You can also create a blog for your research work. And regularly post your research papers, review papers, and other related content on it. The people who will follow your blog will also cite your work. You can also use a data-sharing website to increase citations.

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