10 Functions Of Management

Management refers to the procedure of controlling equipment as well as the populace. According to the Oxford dictionary,” management means manipulation of things, resources, and people”. The functions of management are most essential, because, it determines the best allocation of the people and things. It directs, motivates and instructs to the people to do work rightly. 

10 Functions of Management

1. Plan: 

Planning is the first function of management that is most important to organize the objective of any business. The goodness of everything will happen through the planning. It is the most imperative and famous quote that planning is the key to success and planning is the first step to achieve success. A manager presents his work through planning and his planning will show the level of work and destination that he has achieved. However, the plan formula indicates the objective and next steps of the business. 

2. Organization: 

Organizing is the most daunting task but it is including the strength to put the business in the right place. For example, in a business, it is essential to put the things at the right place and then organize them such as materials, capitals, workers, and machinery. 

3. Synchronize: 

The work will gain success through the exercise of synchronizing. Co-ordination is a good policy of management. If you will not manage and systematize all these things then the business will not be established. The organization is the involvement that determines the activities and fulfilling the objectives. The organization determines responsibility and relationship. 

4. Staff: 

Staff is another beneficial function of the management. With having good staff, a business will not get the achievement. The management and organization of the things will be happening by the hands of staff. Staff performance will determine the manpower of any business. 

5. Directing: 

Directing is related to the leading things in a direction such as a democratic setup. The main function of director concerns with the human factor of any company. 
A director will guide to his staff about the things and business. Motivational lecture of the director will be helpful for all the people. A director must have the ability to command the people and instruct them into the right point. The following and obedience of the director are essential to all the staff.

6. Motivation:

Motivating is another most important function of the management. Without having passion and motivation, the art of success will not be achieved. The human being should be responsible and productive in their plan in order to gain success. 

7. Controlling: 

The management process will not be completed without powerful controlling. Control is related to the actual results of performance. 

8. Accomplishment: 

If you have not the passion to obtain your task then you will not get success. You should take positive action and provide feedback information to your boss.

9. Communication: 

Communication is the best method of getting information related to business.

10. Special Studies And Tax Policy: 

 The special study refers to the profits concern by tax policies.

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