How Do Prostitution Laws Differ Around The World?

Prostitution Laws
A business in which money is exchanged by engaging in sexual activities is known as prostitution. Prostitution is also known as commercial sex. In the English-speaking world, it is known as one of the oldest professions. The persons who are working in this field are known as prostitutes. There are different laws about prostitution in all around the world. It is estimated that there are almost 42 million prostitutes are living in different areas of the world. Here, experts of cheap assignment writing services will discuss different prostitution laws in all around the world.
  • In Afghanistan, prostitution is illegal. Anyhow, there is a custom of temporary marriages and these temporary marriages last for short periods. These temporary marriages are arranged for the dowry. Therefore, it is also known as a type of prostitution.
  • In Albania, prostitution is completely illegal. For this reason, they have devised a criminal code under article 113.
  • In Angola, prostitution is also illegal. There are some NGOs that are working to identify the prostitutes. Moreover, the police are also not able to enforce laws against prostitution.
  • In Argentina, prostitution is completely legal. One can easily run his business by engaging in sexual activities. Anyhow, there are some places like schools and churches where sexual activities are illegal.
  • In Armenia, there are some limits for prostitution. In order words, we can say that it is limitedly legal. If a person crosses these limits, he will be fined. Its possible fine is almost 20,000 dram.
  • In Australia, prostitution is also limitedly legal. The prostitution laws in Australia vary from one state to another state.
  • In the Bahamas, prostitution is completely illegal. For this reason, they have devised a penal code. Moreover, in the Sexual Offences act 1991, there is an article 8. According to this article, all forms of prostitution are illegal.
  • Prostitution is also illegal in Barbados. There is an article 19 in the Sexual Offences act 1993 and according to this article; all the sexual activities are illegal.
  • Belgium allows its residents to run their businesses relevant to sexual activities. According to their government, prostitution is legal. Anyhow, their government prohibits third-party activities. Moreover, prostitutes are not allowed to advertise their business.
  • In Bolivia, prostitution is completely legal and very common in the country. Anyhow, there are some limitations for the prostitutes. First, they can’t involve less than 18 years of children in sexual activities. Secondly, they don’t allow the prostitutes to operate a brothel. Thirdly, there should be no chance for pimping.
  • According to the current penal code of Brazil, prostitution is not a crime. Anyhow, the prostitutes are not allowed to operate a house of prostitution.
  • In Cambodia, prostitution is also completely illegal according to article 46. If someone disobeys this law, he is sent to jail.

To sum up, we can say that there are different prostitution laws all around the world. Some countries are in favour of prostitution and there are also some countries which completely prohibit prostitution.
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