How Do Regular People Influence Technological Progress?

Technological Progress
It is a fact that extraordinary people are playing an important role in providing technological advancements. These extraordinary people are not superhuman. They are just like ordinary people but they have some essential and advanced skills. With the help of these essential and advanced skills, they can improve themselves and bring some changes in the world. With the help of these extraordinary people, it is possible for us to develop such software and devices which have changed our lifestyle. For example, a man never imagines spending even a single day without a cell phone. In a similar way, there are also some people who can’t imagine spending their single day without a laptop. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss how regular people influence technological progress.

There are also some devices which have made our lives organized and these devices are comfortable for us. In these devices, first, there come faster modes of transport. These faster modes of transport are helpful to us to travel a distance of several miles just within few hours. On the other hand, in the past, it takes several weeks and months. Secondly, there are faster modes of communication. With the help of technological progress, we can not only talk with a person several miles away from us but we can also see his photo. In short, we can enjoy video calling. Thirdly, we can lead a comfortable life with the help of washing machines, electricity, washing machine dryer, electric fans, electric iron and much more.

All of these technological changes are due to the influence of extraordinary people. On the other hand, an ordinary person can’t create new technology. After creating the technology, it is also impossible for him to modify this technology. They just demand new technological changes in the market. Anyhow, these ordinary people have also some importance. Its reason is that these ordinary people provide some clues about the technological advancements to the extraordinary people. For example, firstly, only some ordinary games were introduced. Most of the people showed their interest in these games. This interest of the people influenced the developers to introduce a gaming industry. That’s why we can see lots of advancements in the field of the gaming industry.

It is also a fact that most housewives were not able to wash the clothes. In order to solve their problem, the extraordinary people introduced a washing machine. It was also a problem for women to cook food. This problem was solved by creating electric kettles, pressure cookers and gas cylinders etc. The difficulty to get air from hand-made fans provided clues to the extraordinary people to create electric fans. In a similar way, ordinary people provided clues to the developers about different household and other appliances. No doubt, to create new things for the comfort of the people or to bring technological change is a complicated process and only extraordinary people can bring this change. On the other hand, if we get an idea about the primary trigger behind this change, we can get an idea that the mass market is the primary trigger behind these technological changes.

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