How Does Social Anxiety Affect The Youth?

The social situation in which we feel nervous and uncomfortable is known as social anxiety. Every person experiences social anxiety in different ways. Some common causes of social anxiety are talking to strangers, making eye contact and starting conversations. During the social anxiety, some common physical symptoms are rapid heartbeats, inability to catch breath and muscle tension. Social anxiety lasts lots of impacts on youth. cheap dissertation writing services are the best solution to get social anxiety dissertation help. The effects of social anxiety on the youth are explained below;

1) Low self-esteem
The main cause of social anxiety is that the self-esteem of young people is lower. Due to low self-esteem, the young people try to hate themselves, they are obsessed with being perfect, they hate their body, they feel that they are not able to bring anything on the table, they are oversensitive, they are fearful and anxious, they often feel angry, and they become the people pleaser. They can easily boost up their self-esteem by changing their internal dialogues, by seeking from their mistakes, by challenging their negative self-beliefs, and by setting some realistic expectations from themselves.

2) Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts are another effect of social anxiety. These negative thoughts work on two primary principles. The first principle is to disqualify the positive thoughts. The second principle is maximizing and minimizing. These negative thoughts prevent young people from getting success in their lives. Anyhow, a person can easily get rid of these negative thoughts by recognizing thought distortions, by challenging negative thoughts, by releasing judgment, by practising gratitude, by focusing his strengths and by seeking out professional support. As a result of these negative thoughts, a person feels depressed and a person can also last some negative impacts on others.

3) Depression
Due to social anxiety, a person also feels depressed. Depression is known as a serious medical illness which can affect the way of thinking and acting of a person. Due to depression, a person feels sad, he loses his interest and pleasures, he experiences some changes in his appetite, he often feels fatigue, his movements and speeches are slowed down, and he feels guilty. One can easily get rid of depression by getting in a routine, by setting realistic goals, by eating a healthy diet, by getting enough sleep, by getting rid of negative thoughts, by doing something new that is interesting to you, and by taking care of his responsibilities.

4) Poor social skills
All the skills which are required to communicate and interact with others are known as social skills. These social skills can be verbal and non-verbal. Our gestures, body language and personal appearance are some essential components of social skills. Good manners, active listening, eye contact, gestures, and listening with understanding are some essential social skills. Due to social anxiety, the social skills of a person are also poor. Due to poor social skills, a person is not able to enjoy better relationships, it is impossible for him to increase overall happiness, and he faces some difficulties to advance career prospects.
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