Topic Ideas For Project Finance

There are two important things that need to be kept in mind when the topic for the project of finance is to be selected. It is important that the research method that are to be used, the data collection methods and the techniques for statistical analysis that need to be used are well defined and clear to the researcher. It is often seen that the students end up submitting the thesis without having any idea about the data collection methods and the statistical techniques. Thereby there are various issues that are faced by the finance students as they make decisions on the project or begin working on the project. In these cases, it is important that the students are careful when they make decisions about the topic of the project. Here is a list of few topics that can be used for the project of finance.

1. What is the effect and overall impact of privatization on the performance of the banks in ABC country?

2. What is the level of risk assessment and decision making in the business industry of the modern era. `

3. Short term financing and its risk assessment and level of awareness. In this case, the case tidy of the yarn merchants can be included.

4. What is the impact and the overall effect of privatization on capital employment and level of profitability of state owned enterprise.

5. Risk management in the enterprises.

6. What are main determinants of the capital structure in the chosen cement industry.

7. The expenses of the audit fees in relation to the size of the company.

8. What is the effect and the overall impact of the gross loan portfolio on the related microfinance based saving , and the detailed comparison between microfinance institutions microfinance banks.

9. Rates of interest and their effect on the stock market.

10. The effects of the interest rates on the share price.

11. What is the level of empowerment of the women with the help of microfinance.

12. What is financial exclusion. What are the main factors that cause it and is it because of personal reasons or the market situations.

13. What are the main determinates of the policy of corporate dividends.

14. What are the main effects of the free cash flow on the overall profitability of the organizations and the firms.

15. Stock return and fundamentals: a detailed empirical study of the cement industry in the selected country.

16. What is the relationship between the stock price and polarity of the rupee dollar in the selected country.

17. What is the relationship between the credit risk rating and financial ratios.

18. What are some of the main factors that influence the behaviors of individual behaviors of the investor: a detail of the stock exchange of the selected country.

19. What are some of the main factors and determinants of dividend payout ratio.

20. What are some of the main fundamentals of the stick returns.
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