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No doubt, to write a dissertation is a challenging task for the students. A dissertation is required at higher levels rather than the other academic papers. That’s why it is more organized, lengthy and structured piece of writing than the other academic papers. A student faces a lot of challenges from the topic selection to the proofreading and editing of the dissertation. It is also a fact that most of the students face a similar set of problems. Here, we will discuss the most important and common challenges while writing the dissertation along with their solutions.
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a) Identifying the thesis statement

A thesis statement is a set of sentences that states the main idea of writing the dissertation. Some students think that it is merely a topic. It is not merely a topic because it reflects the judgment or opinion of a writer about a specific topic. Moreover, a thesis statement should be original, which can generate discussions and database. No doubt, it is a tough nut to crack for the students and it is a real challenge for the students to identify the thesis statement. You can deal with this challenge by buying the dissertation online from the dissertation writing services.

b) Literature review

A critical analysis of the published literature related to your topic is called the literature review. It provides a summary of the comparison and evaluation of the published research with your own research. If you want to write an impressive literature review, then you will have to conduct an effective research. It is also a challenge for those students who are not used to research. You can also deal with this challenge by buying a dissertation online. The expert dissertation writers are used to research and they can easily conduct an effective research for the literature review.

c) Time management

The biggest challenge for the students is to write a dissertation before the deadline. If you want to write a dissertation within the given time, then you will have to spend a lot of hours in writing the dissertation. Most of the students don’t have enough spare time and they are not able to manage the time for the dissertation writing task. They can also contact with the dissertation writing services in order to get the dissertation before the deadline.

d) Writing block

The condition of being unable to proceed with the writing task is called the writer’s block. A dissertation is a unique and original piece of writing and you will have to express your own views and ideas in the dissertation. To write 100-500 unique and original words about a single topic is not a difficult task and the possibility of occurrence the writer’s block is very rare. On the other hand, in the case of a dissertation, you will have to write up to 10,000 unique and original words and there is a maximum probability of occurrence the writer’s block. You can also deal with this challenge just by buying a dissertation online from the best dissertation writing service.

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