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A research proposal is a summary of your proposed research which is written in the concise and coherent way. It consists of the central issues or questions that you are going to research. The outline of the research proposal consists of the general area of the study and current state of the knowledge. The basic aim of the research proposal is to justify the need of the research problem and present the some practical ways in order to conduct the proposed study. The most important tips to write a research proposal are given below;
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1) First of all, you should try to read the prompt of the research proposal on the council website. After reading these instructions, you should try to follow these instructions while writing the research proposal.

2) After clearly understanding the instructions of writing the research proposal, the next step is to make the first draft. You should break down your proposal in point form before going to write the first draft of the research proposal.

3) You should also try to fulfill the requirements of the audience and try to write the research proposal by using the clear and plain language and make your research proposal jargon free. Try to avoid writing the technical terms in the research proposal. Moreover, your research proposal should be free from the typographic and grammatical mistakes.

4) The reviewers of your research proposal are very busy people and they don’t pay extra attention to a research proposal which is not interesting for them and the content used in it is not relevant to the topic. Hence, it is necessary for you to create interest in the research proposal from the very beginning.

5) The title of the research proposal is the first impression on the minds of the audience. You should try to make the title of the research proposal interesting and attractive for the audience.

6) You should try to clearly explain in the research proposal that which things you are intending to research.

7) In the research proposal, you should also try to show the feasibility of the research. In order to show the feasibility of the research, you should try to explain the ways and the environment that you will use to conduct an effective research to achieve the required goals.

8) Never forget to explain the desired outcomes of the research in the research proposal. These desired outcomes will also make your research proposal interesting for the audience.

9) In order to develop the interest in the audience, you should try to tell the audience that why your research is exciting. You should explain the cause of excitement in the beginning of the research proposal.

10) After completing the research proposal writing task, you should try to take reviews from the experts. These experts will remove all the mistakes from your research proposal.

11) Get help from professionals to write an error free and authentic research proposal

These are the most important tips that you should keep in mind while writing the research proposal.
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